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Lodestar Computer Services Limited has been providing computer hardware and general software maintenance out-sourcing service since 1990. We have team of Senior System Engineers, System Engineers and Customer Service Engineer to provide day-to-day one-stop computer hardware and general software (i.e. Winodws 98/XP/Vista) trouble-shooting and repairing services to different kinds of enterprises.


Our services are not just limited to provide computer trouble-shooting & recovery service as other service providers in the marketplace. We emphasize in serving as long-term IT partner to our value-added clients. We deliver direct, cost-effective and well-proven IT solutions to our clients when they face threats in management and raise their concerns to us. Over the past years, we provide :

1. Corporate Email Management Solution to monitor staff daily incoming/outgoing emails,
2. Web-based Document Management to probably control important   c
orporate documentations or image files,
3. Strategic Backup Solution for daily important Server(s) and Workstations files backup,
4. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Server setup for large file transfer among trade partners,
5. Strategic File Backup Solution from China Office to Hong Kong Head Office to prevent files destroy due to hardware or human issues. (Especially for SME Manufacturers),
6. Virtual Private Network (VPN) Setup & Configuration for multi-site offices’ document and email managements (Mostly for SME Manufacturers) etc..


We build and accumulate solid experiences over the past successful cases.
Currently we are serving over 180 active clients who have joined our annual maintenance service scheme. Couples of clients have enjoyed our services over ten years.


For Hardware Outsourcing Service by Lodestar, our clients should benefit:

1. Reduce Recurring Overhead Cost in Maintaining Internal IT Staff,
2. Release the Negative Impact of Frequent IT Staff Turnover,
3. Prevent unnecessary IT troublesome to staff when internal IT staff is in vacation or sick leave.
4. Help to share the IT Burden of internal staff who it not a pure IT staff but needs to trouble-shoot computer problems when happened,
5. Knowledgeable to tackle different kinds of difficult IT problems e.g. Virus, Spyware etc. quickly,
6. Obtain direct and prompt support by our Partners e.g. Microsoft, IBM or HP when highly difficult problem happened that mostly cannot resolve shortly by internal IT staff.
7. Leverage your IT Investment – Reasonable Monthly Maintenance Amount (may be 10% cost of  internal IT staff) enjoys Team of Senior Engineers support.

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