Winstar ERP
Inventory Control
Bills of Materials
Work Order Processing & MRP
Capacity Requirement Planning
Sales Ordering & Invoicing
Purchasing Control
General Ledger
Accoounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Microsoft Dynamics CRM v4.0
I.T. Maintenance Outsourcing
Corporate Email Management
Document Management Solution
Computer Network Infrastructure

Winst@r ERP Enterprise Resources Planning Solution is an integrated software suite especially designed and developed for HK small-and-medium enterprises.


With the implementation of Winst@r ERP, enterprises can manage all dimensions of manufacturing operations. It can effectively control inventory stock level, reduce material loss due to over storage. Meanwhile, manufacturers can purchase accurate quantities for different  materials for multiple work orders at the right time (Just-in-time JIT) with the powerful MRP function. It helps enterprises controlling production job costs, reducing bank interests, and achieving a higher corporate profitability.


Due to the fast boardband infrastructure development in China, most of the HK manufacturers with production factories in China can seamlessly access the live stock level, handle material purchase, manage systematic product structure and update work orders from China over Internet.


Winst@r ERP delivers the following modules

Manufacturing Modules

* Inventory Control

* Bills of Materials

* Production Control

* Material Requirement Planning & PO Auto-generation

* Master Production Scheduling & Capacity Requirement Planning CRP

* Global Engineering Change

* Incoming Quality Control

* Material RoHS Definition

Trading/Wholesaling Modules

* Product Master

* Purchasing Control

* Sales Ordering & Invoicing

* eAlert Framework

* User Activity History Log

* Export-to-Excel Framework

Accounting/Financial Modules

* General Ledger

* Accounts Receivable

* Accounts Payable

* Multi-Ledger


Winst@r ERP  Outstanding Features

* True 32-bit Windows-based 

* Support Novell NetWare, Microsoft NT Server, Linux Operating Systems

* Support English/Chinese Windows 95/98/NT Workstation

* LAN-based or Client/Server Architecture Versions Available

* Multi-document Interface (MDI) Standard

* Chinese/English Exchangeable

* Multi-user/Multi-currency

* User-definable Report Font Type & Size on report heading, column headings & content

* Data Recovery Function preventing data lost during power or hardware failure

* Sophisticated User Activity History Log down to data field level

* Output Documents to Business Partners by Email (Optional)

* Web-based System Operation (Optional)



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